These two plays have had public readings and are ready for production.

Money in the Family – Three generations of a WASP family come together for the first time since the grandmother’s death. Her husband, now a widower, has a plan to divulge. Everyone has old scores to settle. Can the family hold now that the center of gravity has changed?

William Bryce Talbot, 79, retired attorney
His children:
Carolyn, 46, a novelist
Jane, 43, a nurse
Bryce, 40, a failure at business, traumatized Vietnam Vet
Frank, 37, insecure, a stockbroker
The third generation:
David, 20, Jane’s son
Meredith, 16, Frank’s daughter
Tammy, 39, married to Bryce
Martin Cohen, 48, an attorney in Bill’s old firm

Mother/Daughter/Mother – A celebrated writer, now in her 70’s, finds the daughter she gave up for adoption forty years ago. Mother and daughter meet for the first time to discover whether they can accept, perhaps even love each other. They find mutual appreciation, joy and relief after the years of guilt and hope. But they have made choices that soon surface to create challenges that test their reunion to the breaking point.

Ingrid Stone, 60s – celebrated novelist
Claire Mahoney, 40s – Ingrid’s daughter, a social worker
Lumen, 20s – Claire’s daughter, a rock star
Actor – male – various roles
Actor – female – various roles

Works In Progress
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