Most have been produced in the Ensemble Studio Theatre Marathon of one-act plays, at Stageworks/Hudson, and in many other theatres.

Dumping Ground – Two neighborhood volunteers set up a barricade and wait for the arrival of a garbage truck that has been secretly dumping toxic waste in a vacant lot where their children play. (3 actors: 1 woman, 2 men)

Hunting Season – A young couple from the city who have just bought a country house meet their neighbors for drinks and learn the reality of hunting season. (4 actors)

Algae – A couple have intense political differences about how to deal with the algae in their pond. (2 actors)

How to Plant a Rose – A gardener in her 70s/80s plants a rose and remembers roses from earlier generations. (1 actor)

Byron & Lulu – When Byron, a young steer learns that he’s destined for the slaughter house, his best friend, Lulu, a Cairn terrier, tries to save him by teaching him how to be a pet. (4 actors: Byron, Lulu, Sadie a wise pig, Big Bull Daddy)

Priceless – A young wife receives an unexpected inheritance. Her husband is unnerved when he discovers how she wants to spend it. (2 actors)

Black Eye – A young wife has a black eye. Friends are about to arrive for dinner – how will she explain it? (4 actors)

One Acts
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